Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did he just disconnect?

This is a pretty unusual strat and it depends on how gullible your opponent is. At the start of the match you are going to want to load all your SCVs into your Command Center. Then, lift off and fly your Command Center out into space where it can't be seen. This has to be done before you're scouted.

During the Command Center's perilous flight, send a message to your opponent along the lines of "Proxy Server Error 7465532: accidental disconnect." Then keep your fingers crossed. When your opponent's scout arrives at your base and looks around, he'll hopefully quit out of confusion.This will catch the newer players and might make them leave thinking that you disconnected and hes playing by himself. This is probably one of the funniest strategies you can do and the easiest as it really involves no skill at all. Good luck getting this to work on anything higher than the bottom of the bronze league though.

Worst strategy ever, or the best?


  1. I hate when people disconnect in the middle of a starcraft game. All because they dont wanna lose. They're straight garbage

  2. Cheap by today's standards.
    Sun Tzu would approve, however.
    I think it's a hilarious thing to do.

  3. This happens in NBA Jams on 360 too. You can be winning and people will disconnect in the 4th quarter. It's really annoying.

  4. People should not waste other peoples time